Pure essential oils have changed my life in so many ways. They have lifted me through my personal and professional challenges by supporting my immune system, easing my stress headaches without the use of over-the-counter drugs, assisted with quick recovery from gastrointestinal illness, helped me to stay focused and calm during stressful periods. My children and husband have reaped the benefits of using these plant-based oils too. My eldest who is diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) has learned to use the oils to relieve her anxiety and help her concentrate on tasks at hand, my middle child enjoys the peppermint slices we make (and all the other delicious recipes we create), my toddler absolutely loves lavender massages on her feet and back which help her feel calm and have a restful sleep. My husband enjoys adding lemon and lime to his water bottle every day to keep himself hydrated and feeling uplifted, and we both love the natural, non-toxic, economical cleaning solutions that we make at home home using lemon, lavender, melaleuca and on guard with vinegar, water and bicarbonate soda. We even make our own laundry detergent which is gentle on sensitive skin. We also love to use the oils to support our adult connection, which is so important when you have children!

If you are interested in finding natural, plant-based essential oils to support your home, family, friends or community, please call or sms me (Agnes) on 0434 942 236 or email me at seedlingtotree@gmail.com or come along to one of my upcoming workshops (via our “what’s on” page). I can provide you with some information and samples that suit your needs. There is never any pressure to purchase oils. These are a gift from mother nature to be shared with all. The knowledge is free to share. However, if you find you love the oils as much as my family and I do, I can help you set up your own doTERRA account so you can purchase oils at a wholesale price (25% discount on the retail price). For those of you who have already discovered the power of doTERRA essential oils and are curious about how to incorporate doTERRA into your business life, I would love to help you become a Wellness Advocate in your community, and help make a positive difference in our world, one drop at a time. From Seedling To Tree… come on a journey with me!

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