our roots

From Seedling To Tree Pty Ltd sprouted in 2017 in Bundaberg, Queensland with the aim to explore the identified community need for accessible early childhood development information and play-based learning experiences which could support positive interactions between primary caregivers and children from conception and birth through to age 3, and support the development of confidence in parents, secure attachments and positive outcomes for children, families and community.

From Seedling To Tree acknowledges and thanks the Traditional Custodians of the land and sea where our community plays, learns and grows together, the Taribelang Bunda, Gooreng Gooreng, Gurang and Byellee people. We thank our past and present Elders, for sharing language, wisdom and traditions with our children and families.

Founder, Agnes Seery, lives in Bundaberg, Queensland with her family and is an active local community member, involved in a range of early childhood, multicultural, autism spectrum disorder activities and networks. She has attained a Bachelor of Biological Science (University of NSW), Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science (Central Queensland University) and is a certified Abecedarian Approach Australia Practitioner, Affiliate Trainer and Affiliate Coach (University of Melbourne), and 1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching Trainer with a particular interest in the relationship between primary caregivers and children from conception through to the early years of life and beyond. Since her move to Bundaberg in 2008, she has been working in the field of Community Development and Early Childhood Training & Consultancy.

Our Team uses the Family Partnership Model to walk alongside parents and other caregivers on the journey with their babies; and the Peer-Led Learning Model which empowers parents through education and training to deliver workshops and education sessions to other parents. Our community-focused company aims to remain flexible over time, to create employment and new resources, and meet the needs of children and families in our community. We welcome and appreciate suggestions about the types of workshops, community activities and early childhood development information options families and sector professionals would like to access locally and online. We believe in the timeless idea that "it takes a village to raise a child".


From Seedling to Tree aims to empower parents with knowledge, confidence and a deep sense of belonging, to support parents in their role as the first and most influential teachers of children.

We aim to excite, inspire, motivate and build confidence in parents and caregivers by providing safe, non-judgmental and welcoming spaces to connect families, yarn, share early childhood development knowledge, and provide opportunities for playful yet powerful, language-rich, adult-child interactions.

Our vision is that all children in our community feel valued, safe, respected, connected, curious, inspired, encouraged, engaged and loved so they can grow from seedlings to tall trees with deep roots, thriving in our community garden.